About Us

Jonathan Rogers (me speaking in third person) wants you to know that we here at J. W. Rogers (me again + my brother) are producing this website for you. I will attempt to make this as unambiguous as possible. We write about pretty much whatever we want. Our mission statement is to provide content that is relevant without contributing to the mass nausea-inducing information overload that the Internet generally provides. Mostly we write for ourselves but hopefully someone else on the planet will appreciate and read our writing on an intermittent (if not regular) basis.

As for credentials, we have almost none (except for an almost-degree in English Lit), so I hope that’s all right. That said it leaves you open to comment and tell us how to get better. We are here to please.

I guess I can lay out some expectations though. I read a lot of books so that’s what I’ll write about most followed by the art of coffee brewing. My brother will write similarly though perhaps with more fashion sense and sports commentary.


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